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Our Logos

The PMH Medical Center Logo is the common and constant thread throughout all our communications. It is supported and enhanced by secondary brand elements. Combined, these brand elements add depth and character to our brand. These elements are explained in our guidelines. Because they form the foundation from which we will build our brand, please ensure that they are always used correctly.

The PMH Medical Center logo is the visual cornerstone of the brand and helps to communicate our focus and vision. We need to protect it by ensuring that it is always properly reproduced. Wherever possible, try to ensure that the logo is reproduced in color.

Always refer to these guidelines when using the logo. Our corporate colors are integral to the visual personality of our brand identity. Whenever possible, the logo should be reproduced in three colors: Pantone 7692, Pantone Hexachrome Black, and White. The logo can only appear on a White or Blue background. Be as vigilant as possibly in maintaining the consistency of these colors across all applications. Always check printed proofs against official Pantone ® swatches.


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