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New ER Equipment

EMS Teams now using Video Laryngoscopes
Recently acquired, PMH Medical Center now has the King Vision Video Laryngoscope. Combining the best features of traditional laryngoscope and fiber optics, this cutting-edge visualization technology offers an immediate and clear view of the patient’s vocal cords resulting in a more accurate intubation process.

EMS teams at PMH are the first in the Pacific Northwest to use this new FDA approved technology. “If we have a difficult intubation or airway, the video laryngoscope camera allows us to view the cords we need to get to.” Tina Glockner, Emergency Department Manager at PMH Medical Center. The device is portable and durable, equipped with a reusable OLED video display and disposable blades for ease of use.

PMH Acquires new AutoPulse Non-Invasive Cardiac Support Pump
When treating patients in sudden cardiac arrest, consistent and continuous high-quality chest compressions are critical to survival. The AutoPulse by Zoll offers a better alternative for CPR on the move. PMH has acquired six of the new units to be used both in the hospital and as a valuable resource in ambulances for EMS teams.

The AutoPulse does the compressions during cardiac arrest allowing EMS and hospital personnel to assist the patient in other ways such as administering necessary medications or managing the airway. “This equipment allows us to continue compression seeing what the underlying rhythm is instead of having to stop and look to see what it is; and it also alarms us if we’re not giving fast or deep enough compressions.” says Tina Glockner, Emergency Department Manager at PMH Medical Center. Deploying the AutoPulse takes just seconds by trained staff, automatically determining the size and shape of each patient.

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