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Pediatric Emergency Room

PMH Medical Center would like to announce the completion of our new Pediatric Room, located in the Wayne Hogue Emergency Care Center. The colorful walls feature characters from a new book created by students at Prosser High School.

Generous donations from local organizations such as Prosser High School Art Students, The PMH Foundation and many more allowed this gift to the community to become a reality. The new Pediatric Room offers pediatric certified staff, ample room, TV/DVD and medical equipment secured behind cabinetry.



On your visit, one can expect:

  • Staff that have special Pediatric Advanced Life Support training and have completed the Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course.
  • A space designed with children in mind (less scary with equipment hidden behind cabinetry and less hospital looking).
  • Books and activities to keep the family entertained.
Pediatric Emergency Room Pediatric Emergency Room Pediatric Emergency Room Pediatric Emergency Room
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