Patient Stories

  • Bryan's Story

    I live halfway between Prosser and Tri-Cities, but I picked PMH Medical Center and it's doctors based on wanting old fashioned, excellent, small town service, where for example there is not a long wait in emergency services, which I have experienced in Tri-Cities. I was right. Prosser doctors and hospital have always provided the best I have ever had. Dr. Lane is the finest personal care phys...

  • Pat's Story

    I was treated at PMH Medical Center recently and would like to say it is was probably the least stressful hospital experience I've had at a hospital. The people I met while there were very kind. They explained the procedures that I would be going through and did all they could to make me feel comfortable. The girl in Radiology, "Mandy" was a real sweetheart. She asked if I had any q...

  • Ruth's Story

    No one makes a choice to have a medical emergency. I'm very grateful to PMH today. Having recently moved to Prosser with no primary care physican yet established when my symptoms became severe I went online to determine whether or not I should seek medical attention and where. As the hours clicked by my condition worsened and finally I called 911. What a blessing in disguise. EMT's were ...

  • Sarah's Story

    No one chooses to have a medical emergency. However, one CAN choose where they will go if a health care emergency arises. PMH Medical Center has a caring and efficient team of employees and medical professionals who treat patients like people...concerned for their comfort and immediate needs.  My family has been highly impressed with the very short time we have had to wait in the Emergency Room ...


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